Spring/Break Art Show

What to look out for at Independent New York, NADA, The Armory Show this week, Mar 2 – 6

2 March 2017

There are a number of fairs happening in New York this week, including Independent New YorkNADA NY, and The Armory Show, running from March 2 to 6.

Outside of that there are some other things running concurrently, including Art Basel-begun and “rigorously curated, boutique event” VOLTA NY, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, and Paul Kneale + Toby Ziegler’s After Image at Cassina Projects, which started on February 28 and is running to April 15.

Below are some artists and exhibitors to look out for, if you’re headed to any, or all of the main events: 

Independent New York @ Spring Studios Tribeca

For Independent New York, there’s a group presentation at New York’s 315 Gallery, with Amy Brener, Henry Lucien Barrett, and Cecilia Salama among them, as well as booth featuring Hal Fischer, Juliana Huxtable and DIS at London’s Project Native InformantKelly Akashi and Neïl Beloufa are a couple of the artists showing with Los Angeles’ Ghebaly Gallery, and Darja Bajagić features at London’s Carlos/Ishikawa

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Martos Gallery and C L E A R I N G are also showing, while Los Angeles’ Freedman Fitzpatrick has a number from its typically excellent artist roster, including Mathis Altmann, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Tobias Madison, Das Institut & Allison Katz, Lucie Stahl, Shimabuku, Hannah Weinberger and more. 

NADA NY @ Skylight Clarkson North

At NADA New York there’ll be a solo presentation by Jacolby Satterwhite at Los Angeles’ Moran Bondaroff, Siebren Versteeg at bitforms, as well as Signal in New York, and Moscow-based video art collective AES+F presented by New York’s Transfer Gallery in collaboration with Bucharest’s Mobius Gallery. 

Other booths to take note of include Toronto’s Cooper Cole, San Francisco’s Capital Gallery and  Et Al.ltd los angeles and Night Gallery, as well as Guatemala’s Proyectos Ultravioleta, Brussels’ Super Dakota, and Ed. Varie.

The Armory Show @Piers 92 & 94

Meanwhile, The Armory Show will have Joshua Citarella and Evan Roth from London’s Carroll/Fletcher, Recycle Group from Suzanne Tarasieve,  Jo-ey Tang and Carlos Reyes at Galerie Joseph Tang from Paris, as well as Nevine Mahmoud for M+B, Los Angeles.

Also presenting artists are Honor Fraser, The Breeder, Various Small Fires, Arratia Beer, Bodega, Arcade, Nicodim Gallery, Galerie Sultana and more.**

Independent New York, NADA, and The Armory Show are on concurrently in New York, running March 2 to 6, 2017.

Jo-ey Tang, Like An Intruder, The Speaker Removes His Cap (2014). Installation view. (2014). Photo by Ana Drittani. Courtesy Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris.
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Art Fairs in New York, March 3 – 6

4 March 2016

New York plays host to two large art fairs this weekend, Independent New York and The Armory Show with other smaller fairs happening around them at the same time, opening March 3 and running to March 6.

Independent New York invites over 40 galleries worldwide such as Project Native Informant and is held in Spring Studios, while Armory hosts over 100.

Booths and works on show during the weekend that aqnb recommendations as follows:

Ed Fornieles @ London’s Carlos Ishikawa (Armory)

Lorna Mills‘ animated GIF, ‘Mountain Light/Time’, with Transfer Gallery (Moving Image Fair)  

Sorry Archive‘s group show, No Gains on Sacrifice (SPRING/BREAK Art Show)

Brenna Murphy @ American Medium (VOLTA NY)

Maria Hassabi @ The Breeder (Armory)

Petra Cortright, Josh Kolbo & Kaspar Müller Société (Independent) 

See the respective websites (above) for details.**

Ed Fornieles, Modern Family (2014). Installation view. Commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery. Photo by Andy Keate. Courtesy Carlos/Ishikawa, London.
Ed Fornieles, Modern Family (2014). Installation view. Commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery. Photo by Andy Keate. Courtesy Carlos/Ishikawa, London.
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No Gains on Sacrifice @ Sorry Archive, March 2 – 7

2 March 2016

Sorry Archive will present group exhibition NO GAINS ON SACRIFICE at New York’s Spring/Break Art Show, opening March 2 and running March 7.

Sorry Archive is a series of exhibitions run by alter egos, which disintegrates and re-congeals after each show as a way to demolish and create continuously aesthetics, styles and strategies. It is maintained by Claire Mirocha and Vanessa Thill.

NO GAINS ON SACRIFICE presents works by artists, Wyatt Burns, Frank Castanien, Constantin Hartenstein, Nicholas Sullivan and Siebren Versteeg. Amongst the works in the space then, the show will “thrust the unsubstantiated persona of poet Lewis Freedman” into the midst, “where he will conduct the viewer through his bewildering but incisive encounter with the works, as seen through his mind’s eye”.

There will be texts works by Freedman in the space.

The press release continues to describe that the exhibition will embody the strategy of the poet, who attempts to record the first letter of each word he hears spoken aloud in conversation in frantic real time, in a desire to “recuperate deficit” and catch .

It is a fascinating text to a show that reads unclear -until seen -as to whether the work in the space will embody the strategy this exhibition is adopting, and almost try and catch themselves in their own mnemonic (mark) making, or whether the embodying will be left over to the occasion and atmosphere held between the works of NO GAINS ON SACRIFICE as a thing in itself.

See the Sorry Archive event page for more details**

Wyatt Burns, 'Extra Fresh' (2015), install shot. Courtesy the artist
Wyatt Burns, ‘Extra Fresh’ (2015), install shot. Courtesy the artist
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