Spotting Deer

Spotting Deer

25 June 2011

The Canadian comic & animation youth pool is prolific indeed. Maybe I should go to Trafalgar Square next July 1st… I’m sure half of the Canadians there will be animators or illustrators….

Michael DeForge just published on-line one last week his latest strip “Spotting Deer” at that great on-line Canadian source named “What things do“, one of the bests American indie comic webs out there bringing daily cartoon pills from the likes of Porcellino or Jordan Crane (who initiated this whole crazy project a couple of years ago). Now back to Michael!

This Toronto-based Ottawa born dogs-with-sunglasses lover has an on ongoing comic book series Lose which is currently published by Koyama Press. Last year he won the 2010 Doug Wright Award in the category of “Best Emerging Talent” (with Lose precisely), and we’re pretty convinced his paranormal bacteria is going to keep spreading in the coming years.

Issue 2 of Lose was released in 2010, and issue 3 is scheduled to debut at the 2011 Toronto Comics Art Festival. His influences include Jack Kirby, Eduardo Munoz Bachs, Mark Newgarden and Hideshi Hino.

Anyway…. Spotting Deer is fully on-line on this WTD page, but maybe you should check his previous (and also very recent) strips… hair-raising!

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