Spelunks – ‘Serenely Skeptical’ album

20 August 2013

Here’s another one from the New Zealand-born chameleon James Grant, this time working under the Spelunks moniker, with this six-track album, Serenely Skeptical, out now on cyber bedroom label Crystal Magic Records. Producing a solidity to his sound that is equally as gratifying as Grant’s onomatopoeiac project name itself, songs like ‘Built-In’ and ‘Wet Towels (Cabana Boy Mix)’ totter along a keyboard of squelchy computer sonics and rhythmic quirk, while the scatting vocal sampling of ‘Where Did Our Love Go?’ echoes Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ for the new millennium.

Producing like hardware made of GAK and finding comfort in the post-modern self-awareness of contemporary mundanity in other tracks like ‘Endless Foodcourt’ and ‘Amateur Chiropractic’, Serenely Skeptical, is available both as a download and on iconic format for the noughties, a laser disc. With the trend (re)cycle moving ever faster, plays the Accelarationist herald almost as well as Jay-Z and Gagabramovic.

Listen to the record below or see the CMR bandcamp for more details. **


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Abstract Mutation ‘Fake Keygen’ out Aug 27

19 August 2013

It seems that Australia, as in most things, is largely ignored when it comes to its post-net tunes, even though its distance alone ensures a heavy reliance on fibre optic cables for access to the outer world, as well as being conducive to some interesting cultural cringe-cajoled creative mutations. One such anomaly is Aus-based, New Zealand expat James Grant (aka Spelunks, aka @soakingwet) who announces a debut from his most recent WWW project, Abstract Mutation, with a release coming out on 1080P, August 27.

The producer also runs Melbourne-via-Christchurch label Vinyl on Tapes and is well worth a listen as deep as its dubbed out hardcore with its raver motion on tracks apparently based around those key contemporary issues of “surveillance, technology and human interfacing”. Generation luck-Y.

See the Fake Keygen website for some sparing Vocaloid details. **


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