Soyoung Hyun

Jons and the Spider

15 July 2011

There are many fables, you have Aesop fables, Andersen fables, those of La Fontaine and even those of Lionhead studios. From the Royal College of Art we have two new graduates who could become one day classic fabulists: Soyoung Hyun and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits.

Both with a refreshing digital drawn style we encourage¬†you to discover on their websites, especially on Soyoung’s graduation film “How life tastes” which is doing the world festival tour right now and will hopefully be on-line for our pleasure in a not-so-distant future.

still from How life tastes

Soyoung is originally from Korea where he had already started to study media contents design, motion graphic and animation. After receiving a BA in Hyper media Design from Hansung University in 2007 he felt he needed more, dive into the not easy (and amazingly competitive nowadays) world of animation. So he got here to London to study a posgraduate @ the RCA.

still from How life tastes

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