Tiril Hasselknippe @ Evelyn Yard, Dec 17 – Jan 23

16 December 2014

London’s Evelyn Yard wraps up the year with a new exhibition by Tiril Hasselknippe titled Sophanes and running from December 17 to January 23.

The opening brings a performance work by artist Jesse Darling  and reading by Harry Burke, the editor behind I Love Roses anthology and the author of the newly released book, City of God, which we will be reviewing shortly.

As far as a description of either the exhibition itself or the opening’s performance and reading, Evelyn Yard only offers a string of cliché phrases and random-seeming words that has become something of a staple with London galleries.

“Tug of war.” “Into the abyss.” “So stark. You scamp.” They don’t reveal much, but the show’s single released image shows sand gradients and the echoes of an ‘organic’ installations that seem in line with some of Tiril’s previous work.

See the FB event page for details. **

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