Somos Cortos

Somos Cortos

26 March 2011

TVE (the Spanish public TV equivalent to the BBC) and especially their sister channel La 2 has always been home to some of the best cultural programs (since it appeared back in 1996) on the Iberian tv panorama.

A bit like BBC2 but with a latin approach. A long history of quality programs that some of you may be aware of… Documentos TV, Dias de Cine, Miradas 2, La 2 Noticias…. and since last year “Somos Cortos” a 30min oasis that showcases the always vibrant Spanish short movie industry (yep, unfortunately the programs are all in Spanish… without subtitles).

Laura Riu presents "Somos Cortos" every monday

The short industry in Spain has gained a lot of recognition lately, especially since the repeated Oscar nominations in recent years and “Somos Cortos” is very willing to give visibility to this world. These pieces are many times the needful step for many directors prior to a feature film but should also be considerate as an individual entity with proven creative richness capable of meriting programs like this one.

Each week “Somos cortos” shows 3 shorts (new & recognized directors with or without well-known actors…) with a good bunch of interviews and the most worth noticing news of the industry in Spain.

The really good thing is that all these programs are available on-line via the catch-up dedicated rtve web.

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