29 September 2012

How many twisted versions of snake have we already seen? Countless, but we never have enough, last year for example we were amazed by the visual approach of Spilt Milk’s Hard Lines, and this week we’re getting this new refresh update by Canadian game creator Alexander Szpakowski.

His uptake on the 70s classic was released yesterday on Desura for $4.99 although right now it’s on sale for less than 3$. Basically Snayke much like the original Snake proposes a puzzly game where you’ll have to guide your own snake in a pixelated world to consume every food block you see while avoiding the usual obstacles… and yourself. The fun comes when you advance in the game as you encounter bizarre blocks like teleporters, bombs, sequentials, reversals… etc.

Snakey Screenshot
Snakey Screenshot

On top of adding the multiplayer option and over 100 levels the game comes in 3 flavors (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) and maybe also worth mentioning the soundtrack by veteran game composer Anton Riehl. More info on the game website.

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Hard Lines

5 October 2011

Maybe Tron Legacy looks like an old classic by now but its visual effects to which Josh Nimoy contributed quite a lot are still shaking the industry with its impossible neon & flashy shapes & figures.

Maybe trying to leverage on the neon hype that invaded the world (from Tron to Android) last year the good guys at Spilt milk studios decided to bring a new twist to the traditional snake game. Funny noticing how both, Tron & Snake appeared around the same time.

Released for iOS last summer it’s now finally available on Android market too. In essence “Hard Lines” (which unfortunately isn’t free.. priced at £2.3) is a mix of snake + light-cycle battles from Tron, you’ll have to help Lionel eat glowy things and kill the rest of the lines… and while you do Lionel will make you laugh with her endless list of very bad jokes.

6 modes: Survival (as simple as it gets), Dead Line & Time attack (timed scenarios), Pinata (pure Tron mode), Gauntlet (a blood line mess survival mode) and the always essential and traditional Snake mode.  Now up to you to spend or not, we would.

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