Slava & Urban Mutations @ Prince Charles, Berlin

16 August 2013

Russian-born, New York-based sample mangler and software programmer Slava will be appearing live, alongside DJs and Berlin Community Radio presenters Urban Mutations and Sarah Miles of Welcome to the Room at the Prince Charles  in Berlin.

Featuring a line up of artists aligned with, comparable to or good enough to be associated with the Future Bass and New Aesthetic art of the post-internet, it’s an event well worth checking out or tuning in to this Sunday, August 18.

See the BCR website for details. **

Header image: Iain Ball, ‘Beyonce with Elongated Skull’ (2010). Screen shot.

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Slava – ‘Girl Like Me’

11 June 2013

It would appear that nothing is off limits for NYC-based, Moscow born producer Slava. As an artist and programmer who is as informed by Britney Spears as he is Chicago footwork, the trained jazz guitar player-come-frenetic dance DJ explored perversion in all its multiplicity in this year’s Raw Solutions, out on Software in April. But as if sexualised sound bytes and eloquently phrased pop misogyny wasn’t enough for Slava to illustrate just how truly surreal modern culture is, here he’s dropped this rattling depiction of two teens, suggestive of siblings and their very guilty pleasure for ‘Girl Like Me’ directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko. Watch at your own risk. **

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Slava – ‘Werk’.

Slava - 'Werk'.
26 March 2013

Visual artist, producer and programmer, Slava has a record, Raw Solutions, coming out on OPN’s Brooklyn-based label Software next month, Monday April 22, and has dropped a tech-conscious video to match his music and his lifestyle. Featuring the artist himself doing his drunken duty on a keyboard, interspersed with all other types of sporty actions in the hyperreality of his imaginings, ‘Werk’ follows last month’s ‘On It‘ with an equally unreal exploration into cyberspace and our physical role within it.

The Russian-born, New York-based DJ started in Chicago around footwork and now explores music across genres and within its rawest potential. Raw Solutions was largely recorded on hardware, while his fascination with Britney Spears and the perversions of popular culture come through in the reconfigured, repeated and manipulated sounds of some ever resilient human vocal folds. See the Software website for more information.**

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