Simon Dybbroe Møller

Hands Off! @ Room of Requirement Berlin, Mar 12 – Apr 5

10 March 2015

The Berlin exhibition series ROOM OF REQUIREMENT is holding its latest group show, titled Hands Off! and taking place at the HORSEANDPONY Fine Arts space from March 12 to April 5.

The series exhibition is held in shifting locations throughout Berlin, and each time a different curator is invited to host events for a short period of time: “The room could disappear at any given moment yet also reappear at other times and locations in instances of requirement.”

The latest show is curated by Francesca Gavin, and features nine artists, including Aleksandra Domanović, Benedict Drew, Nina Beier and Simon Dybbroe Møller, exploring the idea of fragmentation and the notion of disembodiment that comes as a byproduct of the post-digital world. 

See the exhibition page for details. **


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