17 April 2011

There were too many good things that happened last weekend @ Dazed Live here in London, one tiny little surprise was the zine exhibition @ the Tramshed filled with arty porno publications, vintage extinguished home-made zines… and a lot of new publications (and I thought zines were an 80s-90s thing).

Shebang‘s turquoise blue quickly grabbed my attention (that and the zine by Kyle Platts, well there was one of the Dazed girls making subtle promo about “his gifted friend”), an impeccable production floating in the ocean of barocco-styled and trashy pop publications. This is obviously a matter of taste.

Grabbing the latest number took me back to my young days of Malasañeo where loads of local & underground zines used to invade the Madrilian shops and the Fuencarral market. (Oh and for those of you still reading you should know that the London Zine Symposium is on today until 6!!!)

Shebang is a light blue homemade zine crammed with music features, travel guides, artist profiles, craft and any other interesting goings-on that catch our eye! We believe that the simple things in life should be celebrated and shared; the new favourite record you’ve found for pennies in a charity shop, t

he cake recipe your nan passed on or the gig last night that made your heart skip…

Fed up of music and pop culture magazines selling more of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle than rock ‘n’ roll spirit, Shebang was created by Liv from paper scraps and glue in her bedroom. Despite spending a few afternoons photocopying and drawing up plans, Shebang never really took off until Liv moved in with graphic designer Lynsey a few years later, who helped to give the zine a makeover and turned it into a professionally printed mag. The zine now operates between Derbyshire (where Lynsey lives) and London (where Liv is now based), though it’s roots will always be Falmouth in Cornwall and Brighton, where the first 2 issues were made.

We highly recommend it (it will cost you a few pennies though), but as they say, if you’re not willing to pay ££ for an overcrowded Dazed or an ad packed vice, then you can always go for the quality of your local Zine. More info on their page (also to buy it).

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