Natasha Lall @ Life Gallery, March 17

14 March 2016

Natasha Lall will screen three videos at London’s Life Gallery in a one night show called Scrub on March 17.

“A scrub is a now generalized term used as a synonym for a ‘noob’ or ‘newb’, which is someone who is bad at a video game or activity in general”, reads the accompanying text.

The text, which is from a 2008 definition of the word ‘scrub’ in Urban Dictionary by a user called Chirus_Fire, then discusses how the term used to refer to a person who deliberately and persistently makes mistakes in a video game by mashing their hand over the control pad with loose grip like when you hold a sponge to wash a car with.

How does a term lose itself like that? What is a ‘scrub’ now, in 2016? What is the power and effect of deliberate intention and persistence in de-skilling?

Scrub will be the first solo presentation for the artist whose work nestles in and across contexts of feminist cinema, gaming, anime, app making, sped-up mixed tapes, cyborgs and

See the FB Event for more details**

Natasha Lall, I Trust This Program (2015). Courtesy the artist and Apiary Studios
Natasha Lall @ I Trust This Program (2015). Courtesy the artist and Apiary Studios.

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