Sayo Yamamoto

Lupin is back!

27 March 2012

With the endless imagination that characterizes Japanese animation do they really, really, really need to do a remake of the classic from the 70s & 80s TV animated series?

Posted yesterday and spreading like a virus the trailer that confirms  that Sayo Yamamoto will be directing Lupin the third’s remake series was uploaded to Youtube. She’s been involved in projects like Samurai Champloo & Evangelion 2.0 (and with the collaboration of Takeshi Koike as character-designer), so I’m sure something not too horrible will come out of her hands.

Actually the rumor started back in2011 when Japanese tv channel NTV confirmed that there was a “TV special” but no series. Thank god this month Todo Cinemas announced a trailer and a few days ago it was confirmed: new series,  Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna (“Lupin the Third – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine”, to start April 4th. Azuuuuuuuka!

Like it or not... but Lupin the III is back
Like it or not... but Lupin the III is back

The 13 episode series will depict Fujiko and the rest of the Lupin III cast during their younger days, and will reportedly capture the “sensuality” present in Monkey Punch’s original manga in its “daring interpretation” of the franchise… not that it wasn’t “sensual” or provocative b4 but….

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