a non-egocentric death

26 July 2011

Emptiness… how can you be obsessed with emptiness? With plentiful emptiness, anxiety and hopelessness?

Fernando Gómez Balbontín is, he spots and stares distant objects, situations, people… and gets intrigued by such emptiness, so intrigued it covers and monopolizes all of his paintings.

a non-egocentric death

An architect who keeps evolving his subjects and styles. From his initial naked bodies and lonely chair series, who’ve always mixed personal feelings with family stories, to his latest “Li” works that shall be exhibited by the end of the year at Santiago’s “Corporación Cultural de las Condes”.


Li clearly matches his architectural studies with his “emptiness painting” obsession. Taking areal views with a 1:3000 scale from deposits near the Salar de Atacama (north Chile) while trying to initiate a local debate… what is Chile doing with their reserves… the biggest in the world.

death's denial

Works that come from the deconstruction and reinterpretation of the situation, land or object adding acrylic layer after layer and mixing charcoal, pastels & watercolours.  Sometimes he even gets to think painting (in general) is useless, he questions himself this medium everyday, but it seems he always finds it useful by the time the sun goes down…


 (rest of his works & more info on exhibitions, awards…etc on his website)

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