Sandra Weerdenburg

The Beanery by Edward Kienholz restoration

26 June 2012

When I first went to Amsterdam around 7 years ago the Stedelijk Museum was closed, during my second time in the capital the classic modern art museum was still closed. But after nearly a decade Amsterdam’s favorite is re-opening next September! I guess it’s time to go back to Amsterdam again…

10 years have surely given the museum conservation dept a lot of time to polish some of its most well-known works such as…. The Beanery.

Edward Kienholz's The Beanery (still from video)
Edward Kienholz’s The Beanery (still from video)

Edward Kienholz’s piece has always been one of the most popular works in the museum collection and after nearly 5 decades dust and oxygen have caused some visible damages. Not an easy operation (think for example that the whole piece was covered in a synthetic liquid resin when firstly created) led by Sandra Weerdenburg and her team.

Because it was a piece always on display, this meant there were few opportunities for a full condition check and treatment; however, the museum’s “temporary closure” and newly built facilities have given the team the time & conditions for such complex work which is still on-going and should be finished by the end of next month.

Edward Kienholz's The Beanery (still from video)2
Edward Kienholz’s The Beanery (still from video)2

And if everything goes well…. it should be re-installed in  one of the Stedelijk galleries as part of the museum’s new ongoing presentation of the collection, so as we always say… grab a low-cost flight and drop yourself by before they close it again.

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