13 February 2012

The most talked-about  Czech gaming studio in the last couple of years are preparing the release of one another beautifully attractive point & click adventure: Botanicula.

The “organic” title, and personal project of one of Amanita Design’s members: Jaromír Plachý, will give you the control over 5 plants, stick insects or… botanical creatures that while wondering around their own ecosystem (a big tree) will try to stop dark spiders who seem to be sucking the life out of everything they encounter.

Botanicula - initial character drawing
Botanicula - initial character drawing

Much like their blockbuster Machinarium and their previous Samorost series the game will appeal to those who love puzzely adventures with foreign atmospheres and cute characters. Rescuing and exploring Botanicula’s ecosystem while listening to the soundtrack by Czech alternative band DVA is something we’re convinced will transform once again into that successful formula that only the guys @ Amanita Design have learned to develop over the years.

What changes in Botanicula is that you’ll have to control the group as a whole, as a collective rather than focusing on a single character much like in Machinarium, John Walker from rockpapershotgun had a hands-on preview last year and many things have changed since, so we highly recommend you keep track of the release in the coming weeks. More info on their fb page.

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