Sami El-Enany

Gentle Dust @ Jupiter Woods, Aug 25

24 August 2016

Dorine van Meel and Rianna Jade Parker are presenting the first instalment of collective project Gentle Dust at London’s Jupiter Woods on August 25.

The evening will include spoken contributions by curator and co-founder of The Lonely Londoners Parker, as well as Isaac Kariuki, Imani Robinson and Caspar Jade Heinemann. There will also be a new video by artist van Meel and original music by Sami El-Enany.

The event has invited artists, writers and musicians to “come together to poetically imagine and stage the desertion of the ‘museum of modern art’ through performative readings and live music.” Questioning the way the institution presents itself as ‘global’, the live performances respond to the disillusion with the narratives being sold to us through the museum and the event plants itself within a time of special urgency to have voices heard in the here and now.

Visit the FB event page for more details.**

Dorine van Meel ‘Disobedient Children (excerpt)’ (2015). HD Video, 14’56”. Music, sounds + produced and performed by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier + Olle Holmberg. Courtesy of the artist.

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