4 September 2011

What things do has instantly become our new comic poles, after discovering earlier this summer DeForge’s Spotting Deer we regularly visit this small paradise with a very select list of American contributors.

Kevin Huizenga posted earlier this year the first part of a series adapting Giorgio Manganelli’s Centuria: 100 Ouroboric Novels. A post-apolitical book comprised of 100 two-page narratives with a clear influence of the period Manganelli lived in Rome during the Fascist era, through WW II and the decades of its chaotic aftermath.

And last month the second chapter of Rumbling came out on wtd (both of course for sale and self-edited as mini-comics for 3$). A b&w joy taking his usual character  Glenn Ganges to this atemporal future filled with scientifically based wars and some disturbing questions.

Both chapters aren’t fully available on wtd, but as we pointed out before you can get them for a very affordable fee via USS Catastrophe website like most of his other works while wtd prepare their own store.

oh and his Ganges #4 (about insomnia this time) will be out next month…

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