Rosi Braidotti

“Inhuman” symposium @ Fridericianum, May 25

25 May 2015

The “Inhuman” symposium will be running all day today at Kassel’s Fridericianum.

The symposium tackles how technological advances and new insights into neurology have forced us to reconsider our concept of human nature, and human primacy in the modern world. Exploring a handful of diverse philosophical positions, the symposium questions the basic assumptions of humanism, and aims to develop a new materialism .

Kicking off with an introduction by Susanne Pfeffer, the symposium brings a performance by Johannes Paul Raether (Transformella: Forking Horizon I: Identitectarian) as well as lectures by Helen Hester (Technically Female: Women, Machines, and Hyperemployment), Rosi Braidotti (Posthuman, All Too Human? A Cultural Political Cartography), Iranian philosopher and regular  Holly Herndon collaborator Reza Negarestani (via Skype with ‘It Is Only What It Does: Selves, Agents and Artifacts’) , Peter Wolfendale (The Reformatting of “Homo Sapiens”) and François Laruelle (Philo-Fiction: Explaining a new genre of non-standard aesthetics on the basis of a photograph).

See the Inhuman” symposium event page for details. **

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