Bulldozer cathedral

5 November 2011

Belgian conceptual artist Wim Delvoye brings his first solo exhibition to central London’s Robilant + Voena gallery in an attempt to show Delvoye’s Gothic tastes…

Wim Delvoye's bulldozer
Wim Delvoye's bulldozer

The impressive scale model was crafted using lazer cut stainless steel following computer generated designs and welded together making this elaborate cathedral & bringing characteristic dark humour tends to introduce in most of his works.  A utilitarian form is obfuscated by the incongruous patterns drawn from baroque cathedral architecture.

Wim Del Voye at Robilantvoena
Wim Delvoye at Robilantvoena

Elsewhere, a three meter tall Jesus and other works from Delvoye’s Twisted series continue the artist’s referencing and reinterpretation of catholic imagery incorporating what he himself terms as ‘deviant elements’. Ahhhh the always dark & twisted elements anyone can pull out of religion right?

 Celebrating paradox, Delvoye builds on the Belgian surrealist tradition in combining conflicting elements within a single work of art, whilst questioning what is sacred and what is banal. So if don’t feel insulted by some neo-religious representation you have until December 16th @ Robilant+Voena’s 2nd floor (oh and you’ll also get Morandi’s still lifes for free… so there you go 2 exhibitions for one!)

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