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Bad Trip: Navigate My Mind

4 September 2012

As scary as it may look the future is here, and with products like Google glass & co we’re all very likely to end up recording our daily routines… CCTV security systems was the big brother up until now, but imagine if only 10% of the passers-by wear these things…

Then, how we choose to store our daily memories is another matter. Alan Kwan, a recent graduate  from the City University School of Creative Media in Hong Kong, has been wearing a camera mounted on his glasses to record months of happy, tense and sad moments. Then, using a custom VR software he designed the following mindscape for us to sniff around in an interactive installation by using a game controller.

Fresh memories but also a lot of virtual art to create a rather hostile universe for us to visit, but hey… the host chooses how its own world looks like, that’s how it has always worked.

Bad Trip Still
Bad Trip Still 

Bad Trip somehow retakes where his previous project “Memory Palace” left off (designed with Quest 3D), much more of a personal statement, certainly scarier and maybe less poetic as memories don’t walk around anymore.

(source: Gamescenes)

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