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The Cosmonaut trailer

9 November 2011

Aaaand it’s finally here! After half a year since they asked us to back up their long-awaited crowdfunded film, the Riot Cinema collective have kindly released the first trailer of the Cosmonaut (you know… that creative commons Spanish movie that’s all over the news).

As proud supporters we honestly can’t wait until the film finally comes to our local cinemas (supposed to be released next year…)… or the internet, or TV because it should be released at the same time on all medias.

Still from The Cosmonaut - Photo by Miki Ávila
Still from The Cosmonaut - Photo by Miki Ávila

And  after having raised nearly half a million € (they’re saying it’s 54% of their goal budget) it seems it’s only a matter of time (and more money) until the project is complete. Just a few more months pipol!

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