Riff Raff

RiFF RaFF & Skrillex to collaborate

4 June 2013

If Skrillex isn’t playing a tiny venue at London’s Shacklewell Arms, then he’s dating Ellie Goulding and including her in his soundtrack for Harmony Korine’s recent film Springbreakers. As both emblems of the rise of the underground, the sinking of the mainstream and the atomisation of everything, it’s interesting that the Superstar DJ would work on an album with the freaky Texan artist, Riff Raff, who bares a remarkable resemblance to the rapping gangster, Alien, played by James Franco in Korine’s film.

Like life imitating fiction and vice versa, things go pretty meta when you consider James Franco’s “performance art” piece, playing a character called ‘Franco’ in General Hospital in 2009 (because he’s an artist, don’t you know). And that’s not mentioning the fact that RiFF RaFF performed with ginger teen rapper Kitty Pryde on ‘Orion’s Belt’ the latter of whom also has a song ‘$krillionaire (feat Travie McCoy)’ where she says “why you fuckin’ wanna undercut me like I’m Skrillex hair” and a tumblr that features an avatar of the mega dubstep producer for a cursor. Are we reading too much into this? Probably but that’s the internet for you. **


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Kitty – ‘Daisy Rage’ EP

Kitty - 'Daisy Rage' EP
4 February 2013

The Florida meme-cum-human-being, formerly known as Kitty Pryde, has dropped her first EP Daisy Rage via her social network. She’s just Kitty now and a triumph for the purported vapidity of the Great Online with her darkly unstable lyrics attacking everything and everyone on the back foot as a girl who’s single-handedly “ruining hip hop”.

Just 19-years-old and virtually born on tumblr, the snow-white ginger from the suburbs joins a legion of mutant rappers smashing the status quo and taking popular culture down with them. She´s already collaborated with Texan rapper Riff Raff and contributed words to Le1f’s latest Fly Zone mixtape but now she’s come into her own with her razor sharp social (media) observations delivered along the eye-rolling languor of the new cyberpunk. YOLO, twitter and Kim Kardashian’s backside aren’t safe from her biting commentary and with any luck there’ll be plenty more where that came from.

Kitty’s Daisy Rage EP is out now.

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