The New Museum + Rhizome present ‘First Look: Jordan Wolfson’ in conversation with Aria Dean, Jun 15

13 June 2017

The New Museum and Rhizome present the First Look: Jordan Wolfson screening and in-conversation at New York’s New Museum Theatre on June 15. 

The evening will present three works by Jordan Wolfson, followed by an in-conversation between the artist and Rhizome’s Assistant Curator of Net Art and Digital Culture Aria Dean where they will discuss his relationship to “technology, masculinity, and the spectacularization and banalization of violence in his work and in contemporary culture.”

 Wolfson, whose work explores “technology, gender, sexuality, and violence with a darkly humorous approach” is currently showing Riverboat Song (2017) at London’s Sadie Coles HQ  running April 27 to June 17 and recently had critics divided for his VR work Real violence (2017) at New York’s Whitney Bienniale 2017.

Visit the Rhizome website for details.**

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Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale Gallery, Jul 15

13 July 2016

Chisenhale Gallery is presenting an early morning viewing of Yuri Pattison’s exhibition user, space with an introduction by Tommie Introna, Offsite and Education Assistant at the gallery on July 15.

The London-based artist’s solo exhibition runs from July 7 to August 28, occupies the entire gallery and is a major new commission resulting from Pattison’s 18-month residency at Chisenhale Gallery, produced in partnership with Create.

An immersive installation comprised of digital and sculptural elements creates a “speculative live/work environment” that draws influence from “Modernist architecture and science fiction”, the show is an imagined vision of a “utopian space of fantastic social and political potential”.

Nora N. Khan, a contributing Editor at Rhizome, has been commissioned to write ‘Commons‘, a fictional text in response to Pattison’s new work.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale

Yuri Pattison, user, space (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Chisenhale Gallery, London.

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‘Blockchain Horizons’ @ New Museum, Oct 22

22 October 2015

Artists, critics and entrepreneurs gather to discuss the cultural implications of distributed databases in the sold-out ‘Blockchain Horizons’ discussion at New Museum on October 22.

Organized by Rhizome Artistic Director Michael Connor and conceived by Lars Holdhus, ‘Blockchain Horizons’ takes on the social and cultural repercussions of these databases, understood to be secure and transparent by virtue of peer-to-peer communities that cryptographically validate each entry, in various fields, including publishing, licensing and distribution.

Participating in the discussion are Nora Khan, DeForrest Brown, and The Actual School with a work-in-progress online project titled ‘Futures Along the Blockchain’; artist, entrepreneur and founder of Monegraph, Kevin McCoy; PWR presenting a decentralised platform for publication and distribution of digital texts; and researcher and curator Rachel O’Dwyer.

See the event page for details. **

The Infinite Webring of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood, A project by Angelo Plessas interpreted by PWR, 2014.
The Infinite Webring of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood, A project by Angelo Plessas interpreted by PWR, 2014.
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Cunny Poem Vol. 1 Launch @ Issue Project Room, Jul 2

30 June 2014

Rhizome is hosting the book launch of Cunny Poem Vol. 1 in an event titled Internet as Poetry and taking place at Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room on July 2.

The over 200-page cloth-bound book features the poetry of Bunny Rogers –collected from her cunny4 tumblr, on which she started posting her poems about addiction, desire, and being a woman at the close of 2011 –as well as the artwork of Brigid Mason.

The event will also feature artist Kevin Bewersdorf, who, after managing the popular website Maximum Sorrow that explored his “philosophy of corporate spiritualism” has taken all of his textual and visual content offline, changed his name to Kev, and launched a new website that features only the online flicker of a flame, inspired by his Taoist practice.

The event will feature Kev’s first public reading of his poetry, as well as a presentation by Bunny and Brigid that will include music, poetry and sculpture.

See the Issue Project Room event page for details. **


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Rhizome partners with Tumblr for commissions cycle, now open.

Rhizome partners with tumblr
9 April 2013

There’s no denying that New York City has been a centre of some of the most interesting new media work over the past few years. If it isn’t DJ, artist and programmer Slava incorporating his preoccupations with graphic design into his visual aesthetic as a musician, then it’s Fatima Al Qadiri‘s Gulf Futurism and the entire visual aesthetic of Fade to Mind, UNO, DIS Magazine… the list goes on. Those are just a handful of reasons why we’re totally behind Rhizome’s focus on, with out being limited to, artists from the US centre for their 2013-2014 commissions cycle.

Tumblr also shouldn’t be forgotten as a rich source of creative inspiration and interaction among net artists, so an alliance between the two organisations is only natural. They will be awarding up to six grants for the creation of new works of digital and new media art, ranging between $1,000 to $5,000.**

Image Header: Screenshot of DISimages.com, 2011-2012 Rhizome Commission

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Rhizome ‘Seven on Seven’ Conference.

Rhizome 'Seven on Seven' Conference.
3 April 2013

New York’s The New School continues to live up to its reputation as being founded on innovation by hosting Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Conference on Saturday, April 20. Recognising the intersection of art and science as the way forward, the event will be pairing seven significant contemporary artists, with seven equally compelling technologists and challenging them to create something new.

Featuring the likes of artists Fatima Al Qadiri, Jill Magid and Jeremy Bailey on one end, and developers Julie Urhmann, Tiger Tara Brown and Dennis Crowley on the other, there is no limit to what the artists are allowed to produce, across media and disciplines. With author of The Net Delusion, Evgeny Morozov, giving the keynote speech, anyone on the other side of the Atlantic can only hope there’ll be stream to follow. **

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