Are Robots Man’s New Best Friend?

9 July 2012

Being a roboticist should pay well… given that most families will have a personal robot much like a toaster by two thousand ……, but in the meantime Heather Knight has decided that a Film Festival could be the best way to familiarize all of us with the upcoming robot supremacy…

The Second edition of this unorthodox celebration is about to take place next Saturday @ the 3LD Art and Technology Center and given that it barely costs $5… well… we thought you might want to know..

And opening the festival will be Sundance winner “Robot & Frank,” a story of a retired jewelry thief and his companion robot, starring Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon… and the best way to celebrate robotiveness. Although the festival is more about short films in general (from  that feature robots as main characters) this second edition will also include a good list of parallel events like live performances, art installations, robot demos… etc.

And of course… the Botsker awards will be back… nothing more valuable than a good printed robot award.

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