Retrofit Comics

Retrofit Comics

27 June 2011

Our latest chosen supported project comes directly from Philadelphia… from the head of Box Brown (guy behind Bellen!),who is willing to create his own publishing house for some great zine-style (he calls it floppy-style) comics: “Retrofit Comics“.

Corinne Mucha will be part of the project

His objective for next September is to start publishing 17 32-page floppy-style comics by “17 of the best comic artists in the business” (initially 12, one per month, but seems like many artists wanted to join the project).

And as Mr Brown puts it himself indie comic houses are quite rare these days, especially with the digital invasion, most artists have their flickr, their tumblr … and dont’ even bother publishing on zines no-more. That leaves “us” fans without those genuine collectable treasures¬† “Graphic novels have taken over the alt-comics industry as a natural progression. It’s worked out well for fans and publishers, but the floppy comic has fallen by the wayside. Drawn and Quarterly, Top Shelf, and Fantagraphics used to publish lots of floppy comics but now, for a variety of reasons, they do not. Retrofit aims to highlight the importance of the floppy comic to retailers, fans, and the industry”.

Josh Bayer also one of the selected 17

The argument is pretty straightforward: cheap books for retailers with a frequent publication and also a very affordable way for readers not willing to drop $20 on a book (most times much more).

and Joe Decie's works too

Collectively these artists have won Harveys, Ignatzes, Xerics and been nominated for Eisner Awards!

Box & Co aim to publish floppy alt-comics and fill the hole left by Fantagraphics Books, Top Shelf Comix, and Drawn and Quarterly try and revitalize the floppy comic format as a publisher…. will their great works be enough to get new kids on board or is it too late for the digital generation to discover indie zines?

Regardless of the future of the industry we think this project deserves some support, so for more info (get to know the rest of the artists) or if you’re willing to give a few $$ for this crowdfunded zine, it’s this way!

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