Residing at Pact Zollverein

Residing at Pact Zollverein

17 April 2011

The wonders of social networks! Diego Agulló is one of the many (hundreds… thousands… hundreds of thousands…?) of Spaniards who after graduating in Philosophy from the UNAM (Madrid) decided to live the so-called Berlin art scene and be a part of it.

He arrived to Berlin more than a lustrum ago with his video camera, and hasn’t stopped creating since. A film maker, performer, musician…. the sort of multidisciplinary artist that usually invade Berlin.

He shared his latest project with us a couple of days ago… “The Last Myself“, “A research about the tautology watching one’s own reflection in the mirror while saying one’s own name. It’s an invitation how your identity reveals itself through the echo of repetition”.

So if you’re feeling like repeating your name in front of the mirror going for a bit of self revelation you can participate  sending your own recording (more info on the project page).

And when he’s not procrastinating Agullo divides his time between Berlin and Amsterdam in collaboration with the SNDO (The school for New Dance Development) and performing in international festivals like iDans Istanbul, Plateaux Frankfurt, Context #7 HAU Berlin, Something Raw Frascati, Baku Biennale, Vilnius Biennale…

His video works have been presented in 57 Berlinale Filmfestspiele Panorama section 2007, Xtend2010 Digital Media Center Oxford, Athens video art, Experimenta Club Casa Encendida, POOL and many more.

Besides filmmaking he’s involved in god knows how many projects…. He’s a member of En Busca del Pasto (music improvisation project from Madrid), then he’s got Ellenbogen is his solo project, Paragullo… his artistic duo with  Dimitry Paranyushkin developing the survival technique called Transnomia, and a member of the monthly meeting CUE….. these Berlin artys… you know…. they lack a bit of something… but they pour a lot of creativity to the world. They’re welcome to continue doing so, just like Diego. Maybe checking his vimeo page will give u a few more insights too.

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