Research Drama

Anna Zett @ Sorbus-galleria, Sep 15 – Sep 20

15 September 2015

Berlin-based artist Anna Zett is presenting a new exhibition Research Drama at Helsinki’s Sorbus gallery, opening September 15 and running to September 20.

Curated by Vappu Jalonen, the five-day installation will include a screening of Zett’s “modern research drama” ‘This Unwieldy Object‘ (2014) and a talk titled ‘Tiktaalik and the discovering of “ourselves”‘ (2015) by Elina Vaahtera .

Through both Zett and Vaahtera’s scientific research, Research Drama explores the entanglements of “science and fiction, bones and imagination, entertainment and politics” through their respective subjects, or characters, of prehistoric dinosaurs and the recently discovered fossil of a ‘fishapod’ called the Tiktaalik roseae.

See the Sorbus-galleria website for details.**

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