Rémy Briere

Wir Kinder aus Asbest @ La Cité internationale des Arts, Jul 10

9 July 2015

La Cité internationale des Arts opens a new group exhibition titled Wir Kinder Aus Asbest, launching at their Paris location on July 10.

The title, which translates to We are children of asbestos—asbestos being the highly heat-resistant fibrous mineral often woven into fabrics to insulate and make them fire-resistant—alludes to the exhibition’s thematics, which confront asbestos as a “symbol for a total melt-down of a modern technology”.

With works by Rudolf ReiberFenêtre Project (featuring Francesca Mangion and Dustin Cauchi), Pierre CleméntRémy Briere, and Ulrike Buck, the exhibition reflects on the previous century’s history, from the atomic disaster of Chernobyl to the fall of the iron curtain, and the “present and dystopian visions of the future”.

See the FB event page for details. **

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