“Gender-queer post-homo-hop musical artist” Mykki Blanco will give a talk at RCA, Jan 16

16 January 2018

Mykki Blanco will give a talk at London’s RCA on January 16.

Hosted by RCA School of Arts & Humanities talks and Anne Duffau, the event will open with an introduction by Tai Shani

A personality moving between performance, art, activism, music and more, Blanco started out as a child actor, studied art and dropped out of it (quoted, the art world is just one big scam for rich people”), and became well known for being a noise rap poet, publishing From The Silence Of Duchamp To The Noise Of Boys. Dubbed a ‘digital warrior princess,’ the self-described “non-binary gender-queer post-homo-hop musical artist” also recently released debut album Mykki (2016) via Dogfood Music Group / !K7.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Federico Campagna @ RCAfe, May 25

24 May 2016

Existential philosopher and author Federico Campagna is giving a talk at RCAFE in London on May 25.

Campagna will be presenting research on the theory, practice and current relevance of esoteric knowledge, as developed in the Muslim Shi’a, Greek-Pagan, Hermetic and Italian Renaissance traditions. He will use the metaphor and structure of a Renaissance Italian garden to think about circles, inner circles, initiation and secrets ways in to things.

The Italian-born London-based writer who has published works like The Last Night: Anti-Work, Atheism, Adventure and has written extensively on forests, radical individualism and anarchism also founded writing platform Through Europe. He has collaborated previously with artists and thinkers such as Jesse Darling and Huw Lemmey in talk events and readings at exhibition openings.

The event is a part of a small festival called ‘Diaspore’ which takes place on the green of the West London Royal College Art school during May and June.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Federico Campagna, The Last Night (book cover). 2013. Courtesy Zero Books and Federico Campagna
Federico Campagna, ‘The Last Night’ (book cover). 2013. Courtesy Zero Books and Federico Campagna.


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David Blandy + Natalia Skobeeva @ RCA Dyson Gallery, May 11 – 23

9 May 2016

Artists Natalia Skobeeva and David Blandy will show three new videos in joint exhibit, Oracles of Humankind at London’s RCA Dyson Gallery, opening May 11 and running to May 23.

Oracles of Humankind is the final show in the current series, ‘Rise Up & Envision’ held in Dyson Gallery, and will be presented by curatorial platform, A- – -Z, who recently organised the premiere of Evan Ifekoya‘s video ‘Okun Song‘, which runs in an exhibition until May 31.

According to the press release, Blandy’s ‘Hercules: Rough Cut’ (2015) is a four screen installation that layers archival political imagery with “pulsing poetic rap (that) narrates an alternative history of the City of London”, taking heed from “language, style and cadence of Roman declamations, Thomas More, Samuel Johnson, William Blake, 1950s Beat poets and contemporary street talk”.

Skobeeva will present both ‘The Horrors of Archiving’ (2015) and ‘Lewis Carroll meets Godzilla’ (2016), the latter of which also takes and constructs content from across a vast timeline including “quotes from St Augustine, Hussels, Lewis Carroll, contemporary theatre productions, songs and conversations”. Apparently “the work needs to be watched at least 50 times”.

See the RCA Dyson Gallery website for more details.**

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, 'Finding Fanon Part Two' (2016) film still. Courtesy the artists.
Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, ‘Finding Fanon Part Two’ (2016) film still. Courtesy the artists.


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Simon Denny – Culture Hacking talk @ RCA, Jan 28

26 January 2016

Artist Simon Denny will discuss hacking, surveillance and power in a panel discussion, Culture Hacking at the RCA in London on January 28.

The panel discussion, organised by the Serpentine Gallery, also includes artist and researcher, Heba Y.Amin, whose practice examines contested territory through ideas of series, movement, frames, glitches and flawed memory. Joining Denny and Amin will be investigative journalists, Ryan Gallagher and Brett Scott.

Culture Hacking coincides with Denny’s large solo show, Products for Organising currently installed at the Serpentine’s Sackler Gallery, until February 14.

See the FB event for further details**

Heba Y Amin, As Birds Flying, video still, (2016). Courtesy the artist.
Heba Y Amin, ‘As Birds Flying’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

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Zach Blas @ RCA, Mar 17

17 March 2015

Writer and artist Zach Blas will be hosting a workshop titled Contra-internet at the Royal College of Art tonight, March 17.

The lecture and workshop will take place alongside the Black Box Formula exhibition currently in the Henry Moore Gallery of the RCA which shows the works of five contemporary artists exploring the workings of ‘black box’ systems, i.e. any phenomena in which the input and output are known but the processes causing the output are not.

Blas’ lecture will explore what is described as “the contemporary aesthetico-political militancies, subversions and alternatives to the internet”, and will be followed by a discussion focusing on selected readings as well as a performative group exercise regarding the ‘Contra-sexual’ and the ‘Contra-internet’.

See the FB event page for details. **


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The Essay @ Royal College of Art, May 22-3

23 May 2014

The Essay: a Critical Writing in Art & Design Conference takes place on May 22-3 at the Royal College of Art‘s Gorvy Lecture Theatre.

The conference, answering to a recent renaissance of the essay, is an attempt to examine this trend and to discuss the multitude of definitions that exist for it.

Speakers include Dave Gunning, Deborah Levy, Katrina Palmer, the Otolith Group, and Wayne Koestenbaum, among others. On May 23rd, the conference will feature a round table discussion chaired by general genius Emily LaBarge and artist Paul Pieroni.

See RCA event website for details.**


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RCA Graduate Shows 2013

18 June 2013

Over 500 students from over 40 countries will be exhibiting their work across media at the Royal College of Art from Thursday, June 20 to Sunday, June 30. Spread across their Battersea and Kensington campuses it will feature works across Painting, Sculpture and Photography Ceramics & Glass and Goldsmithing, Design Engineering, Animation and Visual Communication.

See the RCA website for more information. **

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I’m fine thanks

23 August 2011

There’s going to be a lot of Irish creativity this week around here. And as I said at some point last week (or the previous one) it seems like I only discover Irish animators lately, enough bubbled-boys and fucked-up cats!

Eamonn O’Neill newest piece will premiere next month @ one of North America’s most respected animation festivals: the Ottawa IAF… “the largest of its kind in North America”.  We wish we could be there, but while Eamonn releases it on-line (and that wont be at least until late 2012 as festivals usually force you to publish anything on-line for at least a year), we have a trailer which looks very promising…. very squizorganic, an Irish touch I suppose.

Eamonn has quite a curriculum himself and maybe didn’t need a RCA Masters, but it always helps some British buzz on a CV doesn’t it?

Either way, just visit his page & blog ok? His moleskine drawings & watercolors are just as impressive.

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