15 May 2013

Australian hyperactive trio PVT are back to the old continent with a few concerts lined-up in France, Belgium, Germany, Iceland and The Netherlands… it seems the UK will only be getting one concert this time.

To remind us of their energetic concerts and how they always leave us wanting more they’ve reached out for Australian artist Clemens Habicht (who’s already worked with bands like Block Party or Tame Impala) to direct their latest clip “Homosapien” with a few cameos from friends, family & fans. A pretty good example on their potent live acts.

Their upcoming dates are:

May 16 France, Strasbourg, La Laiterie
May 18 Belgium, Brussels, La Chocolaterie
May 21 Germany, Berlin, Prince Charles
May 22 The Netherlands, Tilburg, 013
May 24 Iceland, Reykjavik, Reykjavik Music Mess
May 30 UK, London, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

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PVT – ‘Vertigo (Hype Williams Snapback Remix)’.

PVT - 'Vertigo (Hype Williams Snapback Remix)'.
23 April 2013

As masters of making things awkward, Hype Williams have taken London and Sydney-based trio PVT‘s ‘Vertigo’ and turned it into a sardonic social comment on race. Taking a vox pop from 1984 cult classic Sixteen Candles and placing it alongside another long-winded conversation about interracial relations the band shines a stark light on the stereotypes that live on. Defacing the original rhythms with mindless teen chatter and rendering Molly Ringwald (finally) ‘of her time’, the mangled PVT track is certainly an interesting one, not to mention entertaining.

Hype Williams have been mutating in and out of synchronicity over the past few years, with rumours of a split circulating since before the release of last year’s Black is Beautiful as Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland but while both artists have struck out on their own, Hype Williams lives on and Blunt has an album coming out just next week. PVT’s Homosapien is out now. **

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4 September 2012

One of our favorite Australian bands are ready to release their 4th LP, and while there aren’t any release or album details (all we know is they’re leaving Warp for the recently created Felte) they’re teasing everyone today with their opening song… “Shiver”.

A plain message, an excuse and an even more minimalist video to delight us with their unmistakable sounds and start the buzz around their new work, which if we are to believe some of their previous on-line trails, it shouldn’t sound too far away from their last album’s bonus tracks…

But we prefer what they’re presenting us today, an intimate and somehow suggestive song… a good excuse to invite us all to their upcoming tour which will take them almost everywhere, sad to see none of the 4 dates in Franceland are in Paris. Nevertheless we invite you to see them.

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PVT for the masses

12 October 2010

The Australian trio that played exactly one week ago @ Cargo (London) were not 1) in their mid-30s neither 2) Australian. They were born in the late 50s (maybe early 60s) and just happened to have had a little face, body & soul rejuvenating surgery…

PVT demonstrated last Wednesday why Warp are (interested in) taking good care of the Sydney band, one of their 2010 flagship albums…, they have all the electronic & experimental technique any Warp artist needs and/or seeks. The Pike brothers together with Dave Miller seem to have finally gained enough cache after the release last summer of their 3rd studio album (second international release) to stop depending on other bands tours. Now they have their own (European about to finish) which will take them to the States & Canada later this month and will be heading back to Australia by the end of December.

In front of a few hundred East London youngsters PVT wouldn’t stop throwing their past & present math rock at constant speed.

They have much material to choose from, loads of electronic beams they’ve been compiling for more than 10 years now, and despite their echoes to past electropop or art rock (much of those groups they’ve covered or played with…. YMO, Talkin heads…), or funnily enough to present & future psychedelic revival groups who’ve sucked PVT’s noise,  Cargo’s mid-twenties crowd were discovering these sounds for the first time.

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