Public Assembly

‘Weaponized Architecture’ @ White Building, Oct 28

28 October 2013

Daily architectural platform, The Funambulist launches Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence and two other Funambulist publications with drinks and discussion with editor, New York-based French architect and writer Leopold Lambert, tonight, October 28.

London-based artist Lawrence Lek will lead proceedings at East London’s White Building, along with his nomadic Public Assembly platform to explore “the use and abuse of architecture as a system of political control”. With all this talk about online interfaces constructing our (virtual) realities, it’s good to see its the bricks and mortar beginnings haven’t been forgotten.

See the Funambulist website or RSVP at eventbrite. **

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‘Napathon’ @ Hack the Barbican

23 August 2013

And here I was thinking that I was the one making napping into an art form, when Penthouse 4C is taking it that one step further by hosting a collective Sunday sleep-in for their Nap-A-Thon, on August 25 at Hack the Barbican.

As part of a sleep-inducing site-specific installation, artists Andi Schmied and Ricardo Davila-Otoya will be bringing the sights, sounds and relaxation exercises, along with blankets, yoga mats and ambiance. All you need is the pillow.

See the Napathon Facebook of more details. **

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Sonic Architecture @ Penthouse 4C

22 August 2013

So Public Assembly have inhabited pop-up space and installation Penthouse 4C at Hack the Barbican for nearly two weeks now and to celebrate, they’ll be hosting Sonic Architecture tomorrow, Friday, August 23.

Featuring two collaborations by Lawrence Lek and Chris King,¬† as well as Patchfinder and Daniel Swan. Promising an “immersive live experience” the artists concerned all work with an audiovisual scope, particularly King, whom we interviewed not long ago.

See the Public Assembly Facebook page for details. **

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‘Bonus Levels’ @ Artlicks Weekend

20 August 2013

Forever deconstructing notions of digital dualism, London art collective Public Assembly will be launching Bonus Levels at this year’s Art Licks Weekend, running October 4 to 6 in London. A multiplayer video game celebrating the DIY spirit of artist-run projects spaces, the project hopes to bring together those independent artists existing on the margins through a digital sculpture, featuring participants of the Art Licks weekend on each floor.

Artist and avatar will be given the tools for building their own digital space in the shared tower space, in a collective artwork headed by Lawrence Lek, in collaboration with interaction designer Valentina Berardi, photographer Andi Schmied and artist Clifford Sage.

See the Artlicks Weekend website for details. **

Header Image: Lawrence Lek, ‘Bonus Levels’.

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‘Penthouse 4C’ @ Barbican

13 August 2013

Artists Lawrence Lek launched his half-sized installation ‘Penthouse 4C‘ of the most exclusive room in the Barbican on Friday for Hack the Barbican. It will host Public Assembly, a nomadic art collective founded by Lek, for the duration of festival, running August 5 to 31.

During that time the pop-up venue-within-a-venue will be hosting “a month-long series of interactive events, classes, installations, screenings, musical performances, hangouts, parties…” and the list goes on.

See the Penthouse 4C website for more details, including a timetable. **

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