Project Glass

Google’s Project Glass

4 April 2012

Not only Nokia & Microsoft can be the only brands that imagine the future and envision the needs and usages for the coming decades, give Google an opportunity ok?

Maybe wave, video or buzz were ahead of it’s time, so Google is trying a new strategy for it’s “futuristic” products… instead of releasing them they’ve now decided just to design prototypes… and test them via viral ads! Much funkier and cheaper than building and closing down entire teams right?

Project Glass” was just uploaded to Utube this morning with hints about our future devices and the wonderful integrated world of all current Google products. The idea comes from Google’s X Labs who (if we trust NYT and Cnet) are the ones responsible for big G’s driveless car technology.

Project Glass act as a second layer on top of your glasses (if you need them) becoming that Augmented Reality layer that we’re still missing within our retinas.

The group have created this Google+ space to “share some ideas” and evaluate the public reaction, who knows… maybe¬†now that Google is starting to “manufacture” its own hardware Project Glass is just around the corner….

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