‘How to Sleep Faster’ Issue 4 out now

30 July 2013

The Summer 2013 edition of How to Sleep Faster by London collective and art space, Arcadia Missa, is now available. Issue 4 of the ongoing publication, which published its first in 2011, features a slew of some of the world’s most exciting artists, including Jesse Darling, Ann Hirsch, Paul Kneale and recent Auto Italia collaborator Huw Lemmey.

Via their Open Office (AM-OO) programme, Arcadia Missa explored precarity within immaterial labour, within the cultural lexicon of a much discussed and relatively popular ideology based around post-Fordism, including neo-liberalism, consumer agency, and “playbour” in a globalised economy. How to Sleep Faster‘s 4, builds on this critique by asking four related questions: “What now is a radicalised, networked, subjectivity? How can we build a commons through and from this subjectivity? Is it self-critical in its understanding of the ‘we’ it talks for? And lastly, how do, and how must, these subjectivities engage with globalised material realities?”

See the Arcadia Missa website for more details. **

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Photo&Print Salon 2013 submissions now open.

Photo&Print submissions.
16 April 2013

London’s Charlie Dutton Gallery is calling for submissions for its Photo&Print Salon, which this year will be coinciding with the launch of the ‘Back Shop Edition’ space. Deadline for submissions is just before midday on Monday, May 6 and the exhibition of selected works will be held for a month, between Monday, May 29 and Wednesday, June 29.


Curators on the selection panel this year are artist John Stezaker, Belmacz and Mayfair gallerist and collector Julia Muggenburg, Charlie Dutton and Kate Saffin. See the website for more details.**

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