Daria Melnikova @ KW, Jul 30

28 July 2015

KW Institute for Contemporary Art teams up with Riga’s kim? Contemporary Art Centre for an evening performance at the Berlin venue by artist Daria Melnikova on July 30.

Melnikova, who recently won the first kim? Residency Award and is KW’s current artist-in-residence, invites the audience to meet ‘Roy’, an entrepreneur who, she says, has played a major role in her work at KW. The “big cheese” is owner of Roy’s Enterprise finance and consulting company “that aims to provide brighter futures (the company slogan: Say “Cheese!” to the future)”.

For her performance, Melnikova welcomes the audience to an informal get-together thrown by Roy for all his friends, to take place in a three-dimensional construction created in the form of Caciocavallo, bringing to mind cartoon-style moneybags, and supplemented by homemade curd.

See the KW website for details. **


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Idea Flight

3 June 2011

Conde Nast is certainly trying luck (and succeeding) at developing useful apps in this overcrowded app world. Their latest idea is about flying while presenting…. or something like that:

Idea Flight is basically an app to share PDF (only for now) presentations on iPads. And why would you use it? Mmmmm that’s a really really good question, but as business tablets are the next office universal form factor (maybe substituting laptops one day…) it makes a lot of sense to share your ppt in a room without hard-printed copies or a visioconference + projector: it gets messy believe me.

Unfortunately this app while being free for visualising presentations (like a PDF reader) is 8$ to upgrade if you want to become a “Pilot”.. so not that handy….

A few other neat tricks like wi-fi or bluetooth iPad real-time sharing (up to 16 iPads), LinkedIn integration (passenger list) or locked/unlocked modes are great features that should definitely be extended to other identity modes & file formats… power points… excel spreadsheets… open office…. you know… the tools that 90% of the business people use?

Enjoy the limited flight in the meantime.

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