Post Digital Cultures Symposium

Post Digital Cultures Symposium 2015 @ Palais de Rumine, Dec 4 + 5

2 December 2015

The third (and final) edition of the Post Digital Cultures takes over Lausanne’s Palais de Rumine for a two-day symposium on December 4 and 5.

As always, the symposium takes as its starting point the relationship between art and new media with a series of events examining the “current state of contemporary cultural production in relation to new technologies”, with a selection of participating artists, curators, philosophers, and researchers delivering papers, performances and keynotes.

Among the selected events is a talk with Harry Burke about Eugen Gomringer, one with Rózsa Farkas titled ‘Artist Novella; Language and Publishing Today’, Katja Novitskova presenting ‘New Horizons’, an E-performance by Gilles Furtwängler, and another performance by Lauren Huret called ‘Relaxing Data’.

See the Symposium website for details. **

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Post Digital Cultures Symposium 2014, Dec 5 – 6

4 December 2014

The Post Digital Cultures Symposium is celebrating its second year, running at Switzerland’s Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne on December 5 and 6.

The two-day symposium brings together not only artists and curators, but also researchers and philosophers exploring the “current state of contemporary cultural production in relation to new technologies”, questioning autonomy (and morality) in the age of mass surveillance.

The critical forum opens up on Friday with a morning series titled Online Art, Online Curating, with artists like Federica Martini and Elise Lammer (the curator behind  EDENunlimited /tbc.tbc), as well as Cécile B. Evans staging a chat with “PHIL” followed by a screening of her video “Hyperlinks or it Didn’t Happen“. The afternoon, titled Cyber Identity, brings presentations and discussions with Amalia Ulman, and Gabrielle Marie.

Saturday’s programme is equally packed, with Immaterial Concepts, Tangible Effects in the morning, featuring Yuri Pattison and Paul Feigelfeld, and Cross-Cultural Network Aesthetics with Timur Si-Qin and Thomas Burkhalter in the afternoon.

See the Post-Digital Cultures Symposium 2014 page for details. **



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