VR-tist Viktor Timofeev brings his video game art to Sydney with Porcelain, Aug 17

17 August 2017

Viktor Timofeev is presenting solo exhibition Porcelain at Sydney’s Sydney, opening August 17.

The Rotterdam-based artist working with video games and virtual reality recently moved on from his Proxyah series — developed using the Unity game engine since 2013 — to Sazarus, its fourth iteration surfacing as the If I could go to sleep, would you count the hours? (SAZARUS IV) exhibition in Leicester in March. 

This show comes with little information, typical to the impressive programming of Paddington space, dedicated to “non-institutional modes of practice.” It has notably shown millennially-numbered group shows — featuring international artists Keith J Varadi, Adriana Ramić, Quintessa Matranga, Anna Solal and others — like 2021 in May and 2024 Part 2 last year. 

See the Sydney website for details.**

Viktor Timofeev, ‘Physical Capacity’ (2017). Performance view. Photo by Oskar Proctor. Courtesy Two Queens, Leicester.
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