POLYMYTH x Miss Information

POLYMYTH x Miss Information @ Auto Italia, Oct 4 – Nov 16

3 October 2014

Auto Italia is hosting the new POLYMYTH x Miss Information project at their London space from October 4 to November 16.

The Kate Cooper-(co)run gallery is bringing in the group project, which features (among others) April Greiman, Pablo Jones-Soler, Metahaven, Holly Herndon, and Pinar&Viola, to their Kings Cross space to explore the “narratives and grammar enmeshed in the technologically accelerated now”. Using scripted realities and speculative fiction as tools for re-imagining, POLYMYTH examines modern day myths and how they figure in society.

The selected contributors work together to explore the magic realism of the network(ed) culture, the simultaneous and parallel identities afforded by it, and the frictions and fractures of contemporary hyperconnectivity.

Greiman’s work visualises aspects of the MIS-infoscape of sea and air, Metahaven and Herndon play with avatar anxiety, Pinar&Viola examine the quest for unconditional love, and Jones-Soler provides that augmented interior within which the group show rests.

See the Auto Italia exhibition page for details. **


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