Pixel Octopus

Pixel Octopus

18 July 2011

And here’s one more example of the pixel-trend. Indie games and animation are not enough, and it’s only a matter of time before we get to see some comics or daily cartoons with 8-bit characters. Laura Bifano‘s newest series “Menagerie” is a ¬†show of 10 polygonal animal paintings she’s been working on for the last three months. It reconciles her fascination with the natural world and computer game aesthetics.

Honey Badger

The Canadian illustrator now living in Victoria, British Columbia has several upcoming shows programmed in Los Angeles (Gallery 1988) and seems to finally make her way out of the Canadian magazine market into the American dream. We wish her the best of lucks, and for the time being you can visit her Etsy shop and grab a few of those animals from her pixel series.

A dainty Peacock overlooks the forest from his perch.
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