Philipp Artus


24 January 2012

Philipp Artus hasn’t stopped studying for the past decade, first fine arts @ Nantes, then Portugal, now back to his homeland Germany (Media Art in Cologne)… will he ever stop?

Maybe French arts weren’t satisfying enough… but we’re glad he’s taken the new arts & media path over the last couple of years. Philipp’s installations haven’t stopped doing the world tour recently (especially last year) and if you’re around Frankfurt next April and happen to be a big light lover (in all its forms) he’ll be exhibiting part of his works @ Luminale 2012.

Break|through is one of his latest works presented as a projection sculpture last year where a capricious spider (that’s why they’re scary!) creates an audiovisual choreography by destroying a wall. Two complementary animations are projected on both sides of a revolving wall, so that the audience can see only one side – but simultaneously hear both (you can get the idea visiting his website of what the installation looks like in real-life, make sure you also watch the intro video).

Maybe his best-known piece was the Notebook Phase, a minimalistic piece of animation that explodes in what seems a never-ending loop of acrobat automatons which are being reflected simultaneously on a water surface moved by sound (up, full version documented by ARTE Germany).

And my personal favorite… his “Snail Trail” laser sculpture  projected on a phosphorescent material (allowing that after-glowing effect) at an angle of 360° onto a column, and forcing the audience has to walk around to follow the course of the snail….

He’s now finishing his next project “Ensō“, on which he’s been working for the past 5 years, and hopefully we’ll get to see in a less luminous environment. Amazing installations Mr Artus.

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