Path of Blood

Path of Blood animated feature film

8 July 2011

After so many videos, shorts & cut-out orgasms Mr Power is going to give that buzzy fund-raising platform named “Kickstarter” a try. And what is he going to raise funds for?

You probably remember that amazing short “Path Of blood” from 3 months ago, after such a warm welcome and now that Eric considers himself (so do we) a cut paper animation master (just have a look at his previous shorts), he’s thought that PoB deserves to become his  first feature length animated film.

Whereas the short film was mostly silent, the feature film will delve deeply into a large cast of interesting individuals each with their own motivation for walking the path of blood. I am extremely proud of the story I have created, there are tons of surprises in store and plenty of engaging and bloody action. (bloody action yes! that’s what we’re hear for!).

The level of detail the finished film will showcase is going to be staggering. Everything you’ve seen of my cut paper work so far has only been a precursor to what I feel is possible within the medium and I am very excited to put my skills to the test.

In any case… you have to support him, he may just have started his fund-raising campaign… but 25K is a LOT of money, so drop him a dollar or two… hundred. This way.

btw… we only talk about those projects we support ourselves ok?

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