Je m’ennuie

4 June 2012

Ahhhh if only Pierre Rousseau or Simon Meny had directed films in the 70s… or if only they had put the soundtrack to some of the greatest classics of the Nouvelle Vague… then our parents would have danced the best of minimal and we would be dancing disco right now!

After last month’s Hémisphère and those dreamy stories they’ve just uploaded today a clip by Arthur Naulot & Aurel Rotival mixing four classics of the French cinema  that go from a nostalgic time-traveler to a violent and erotic Tunisian Eden. You may prefer the night to dance Paradis, but we assure you won’t get bored during daylight neither.

BIS 3rd release
BIS 3rd release
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20 May 2012

Two more from the Parisian duo! Paradis are about to drop their second Hémisphère 12″ under BIS next Tuesday, another exercise of delicate pop and dreamy storytelling, ephemeral happiness and furtive looks. That’s only their own “Hémisphère”, so imagine what the B side “Je m’ennuie” shall bring us.

A release accompanied by this clip by Sacha Barbin… Montmartre & Pigalle never looked so empty.

Paradis - Hemisphere artwork by Denise Kupferschmidt
Paradis - Hemisphere artwork by Denise Kupferschmidt

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Parfait Tirage

24 September 2011

I used to lock myself up with my best mate and a few beers (and cigarettes and..) and listen to the big bombs some young guy from NYC used to play on his mini program BIS back when Daft Punk released their 2nd album. It has become so much more since then…

If you haven’t heard about Tim Sweeney maybe you should reconsider your life, and its existence. If you do well… you’re gonna rejoice knowing his BIS is now a record label too…

He may not be the best DJ at school (certainly not), but he’s got one delicate amazing taste very few can match. After 12 years of bringing the best “Beats in Space” each Tuesday night when taking control of the room beneath the freshmen dormitory on the New York University campus Tim sees a few dreams come true…

A great Beats in Space 12th Anniversary Festival this next Sunday… in the outdoor lot across the street from the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

But mainly and above all the launch of his own label, Beats in Space Records with a debut release for both band and label of Parisian duo Paradis’  “Parfait Tirage & La Ballade de Jim” 12″.

And because  it has become some sort of trend uploading tracks as videos on vimeo (with a playing vinyl of course) rather than soundcloud or any other embeddable music player… Tim Sweeney couldn’t be or do less.

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