27 April 2011

Saw Nathaniel Mellors “Ourhouse” Episode 2 @ British Art Show 7 (now in Glasgow) a couple of months ago, his emetic animatronics constantly sucking, vomiting, gesticulating while this particular Adams family-esque countryside short was streamed in the same dark room.

Then realized yesterday another 2 shorts of the 6 part “Ourhouse” video series were being shown (along with another couple of his “philosophic”  animatronic sculptures: Hippy dialectics) @ the ICA (London), his first major solo exhibition in a UK public institution.

In recent years, Mellors has produced a distinctive body of work that combines video, sculpture and writing. The complex relationship between language and power is a recurring theme in his multifaceted work, typically manifesting itself in absurdist, humorous narratives which reveal a penchant for satire and the grotesque.

Ourhouse is set in a manor house in the English countryside. The series portrays the Maddox-Wilson family, an eccentric grouping whose roles and relationships begin to shift after the arrival of ‘The Object’ (an imposing male figure that the family fail to identify as a human being) arrives in the house and begins to consume and excrete their books. In doing so, The Object takes control of language within the house. The themes that are played out in the ensuing episodes are the product of the ingested, half-digested texts.

Episodes 1,2 & 4 are now being shown and while Mellors finishes producing the other 3 we invite you to drop by the ICA before May 14th for a magnificent dose of modern absurdity. We need a theater play out if this, now.

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