Où est Sarko?

Where’s Sarko?

4 July 2011

Il est partout! Us Frenchies are lucky enough to have our breakky, lunch and dinner with an omnipresent figure in our daily news…  Sarkozy! I bet only the American or maybe the Chinese presidents are slightly more hungry-media figures to rival the charming powers of Sarko…. OK, maybe Berlusconi too, but he’s about to leave the government so….

Sarko runs the NY marathon but... where is he?

He’s been the hyper-president for the past four years, way more active than Mss Merkel and probably the most recognizable figure outside Europe (and inside too, but not on a good way). Inspired by Martin Handford’s Where’s Waldo (Wally, Charlie…) Albert Algoud, Pascal Fioretto & Herlé Quinquis have decided to hide Nicolas behind similar amusing situations to those of Wally.

Sarko with the Roma, Sarko at the Monaco royal wedding; at the Vatican; on Air Sarko One… imagine a place… he’s probably been there.

by the beach

“Super-Sarko is everywhere, it’s his job after all. He’s even capable of being in several places at once” explain the authors. And now you can try & find him yourself. Published under “l’Opportun” the book can be ordered for 10€, although it’s only shipped within France (boooo).

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