Open Source

Open Source 2016, May 28 – 29

27 May 2016

Open Source 2016 contemporary art festival is on at Londons’ Gillett Square in Dalston, running May 28 to 29.

The free weekend event and artist-run initiative brings together the art world private view into the public space with a series of screenings, live performances and installations from the likes of Larry Achiampong, Cory Arcangel, Benedict Drew, Joey Holder, Hannah Black, and Rachel Maclean, among others.

Organised by Emily Butler, Christine Eyene, Helen Nisbet, Joe Fletcher Orr & Doug Bowen, Richard H M Parry and Amy Sherlock, the theme this year follows “subcultures, identity, fluidity and self-determination” and will also include an immersive video game, ice cream, drones, VJ and DJ sets, street posters, experimental hair salon, and more.

See the Open Source website for details.**

Larry Achiampong performing at All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm: An Evening of Live Music at DRAF, 2015. Photo: Dan Weill
Larry Achiampong @ All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm: An Evening of Live Music (2015). Performance view. Photo by Dan Weill. Courtesy DRAF, London.
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Open Source @ Gillett Square, May 2 – 3

1 May 2015

Open Source contemporary art festival is running in Dalston this weekend, taking place at Gillett Square with events throughout May 2 and May 3.

Curated by eight different curators, including Attilia Fattori FranchiniMarie d’Elbée and Morgan Quaintance, the festival will bring a slew of films, live performances and installations, with 24 new works shown for the first time at Open Source.

The participants include 21 different international artists, including some names very familiar to aqnb, like Lawrence Lek, Leslie KuleshEmilie GervaisAnna Barham, Erica Scourti, and Alice Theobald, as well as artists like Heather Phillipson, Shirin Sabahi, Alice Khalilova, Louisa Martin, Alden Volney, Larry Achiampong, and David Blandy.

See the event page for details. **

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