Olivia Coeln

Marina Sula @ Kevin Space, May 25 – Jun 19

24 May 2016

Marina Sula is presenting solo exhibition, What is it Like to be Alive in That Room Right Now at Vienna’s Kevin Space, opening May 25 and running June 19.

Gathered from the accompanying exhibition text is a feeling that Sula will embellish the project space and the room somehow, working with surfaces and touch to negotiate the subject that is looking from the perspective of “increasingly complex layered networks of technologically mediated and physical realities.”

Previous shows have included the Albanian-born artist printing images of dimly-lit ceilings on to plexiglass and made in to benches that are also partially filled with sand.

Sula has recently shown in another of Vienna’s up-and-coming project spaces, Malzgasse12a alongside artist Olivia Coeln in a show called Low Frequencies, as well as at Emozionale, a one-day exhibition in a large warehouse in Milan.

See the Kevin Space exhibition page for more details.**

Marina Sula, Untitled (2016), install detail. Courtesy the artist and Malzgasse12a
Marina Sula, ‘Untitled’ (2016), install detail. Courtesy the artist and Malzgasse12a.
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