Oliver Haidutschek

It has never been so fluo @ Budapest, Aug 26 – Oct 30

25 August 2015

The It has never been so fluogroup exhibition is opening at a private Budapest address at Vitkovics Mihály utca 3-5 tomorrow, where it will run until October 30.

The multimedia, multi-artist exhibition examines “the aura of advertisements that form us”, and looks at the language of branding that is becoming the one true universal—”we are all fluent in a language…a language of lists, of websites, companies and products”.

The participating artists—which include Estrid Lutz and Emile MoldAda SokolBeata Wilczek, and Oliver Haidutschek—use installations, new media, 3D printing, and internet sourced imagery to express “the effects of social polarization and “world-culture””.

See the FB exhibition page for details. **


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