Olga Cerkasova

Millésime @ 28 rue du long Sentier, Dec 19

19 December 2014

New Pictures is coming out with a new group show titled Millésime, hosting a private viewing and after-party at 28 rue du long Sentier in Aubervilliers, France today.

The group show brings a dozen or so emerging artists, including Czech artists Jan Brož & Richard Nikl, Estonian-born and London- and Frankfurt-based artist Olga Cerkasova, sound performance (and visual) artist Beatrix Curran, as well as NYC-based artist Deanna Havas, Italian artist Emanuele Marcuccio, and American artist Tracy Molis.

The private viewing is followed by a performance by Battle-ax, as well as an after-party at 30 Rue Cartier Bresson in Pantin, France.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Into You opening, Oct 21

21 October 2014

A group exhibition titled Into You is opening today in East London’s Running Residency.

The group show is organized by Olga Cerkasova, the founder of Running Residency, a transitional residency programme, and is curated by Haydée Marin-Lopez, who is currently working as RR’s curator-in-residence.

The group show, while offering little information about its content or aesthetic, does offer up the names of its contributing artists – which include Deanna Havas, artist and designer Anna-Sophie Berger, photographer and sculptural artist Josephine Callaghan, and Brandon NdifeRichard Nikl and Lucia Elena Prusa – as well as this by way of a press release:

subsistence future / tomorrow / paleo-fetishism / erosion / private items / chic scarcity / jet fuel / malleability / commodities sector / agrarian cosmopolitanism / touching / nomadic monad / personal universe

There is currently no exhibition page for this event. **

into you

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