Ola Vasiljeva

Ola Vasiljeva @ Galerie Antoine Levi, May 19 – Jun 30

17 May 2016

Ola Vasiljeva is presenting will present solo exhibition, Coeurtregetour, at Paris’ Galerie Antoine Leviopening May 19 and running June 30.

Coeurtregetour, which reads at first glance a little like a medieval Court troubadour with someone known in history for being linked closely to the affairs of the heart, comes with a short press release that attempts to describe the Latvian artist’s new drawings:

“They resemble ‘courtroom sketches’, but the basis is not entirely decipherable —something very multi-limbed and very intoxicated is on trial here, in a room composed of compromised, unreliable, and deceptive judgement.”

A quote is included from a scene in surreal 70s comedy series, Monty Python, where some one on trial for a parking offence stands in a court and speaks poetically and with a romanticism that is out of place, protesting their freedom and love in case it may save them from persecution…

See the Antoine Levi website for more details.**

Ola Vasiljeva, OAOA (2015). Installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Vleeshal Zusterstraat
Ola Vasiljeva, OAOA (2015). Installation shot. Courtesy the artist and Vleeshal Zusterstraat.



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on fleek #2 launch + screening @ Spreez e.V., Oct 21

21 October 2015

Munich’s Spreez is launching the second issue of on fleek magazine with a screening in the artist run space on October 21.

Featuring contributions from 15 artists, including Jasmin Werner & Jan Domicz, Rasmus Myrup, Cédric Fargues –who exhibited ARTOAST at London’s Life Gallery last year –and Niklas Taleb, the launch of the magazine will be accompanied by a screening of work by the likes of Hannah Heilmann, Anna FehrOla Vasiljeva and more.

See the Facebook event page for details. **

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