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M$oft imagines the future again

28 October 2011

A couple of years ago Msoft came up with their very own vision of the future of productivity. An amazing video about the technologies they imagined in 2019, a video which obtained hundreds of thousands of hits (probably millions) but they pulled it from youtube short time after.

Now they’ve got a new vision of the future they’ve decided to upload it again, giving continuity to the lives of Ayla, Quin and Shannon (she’ll probably become a rebel adolescent in the next video if they keep the series going).

Kurt DelBene, president of the Office division describes the video as ideas  “based on real technology” and notice how they emphasize something barely exploited in their previous clip… voice commands (with all the Siri hype and now that we’re moving into a voice dictated society).

This time they’re not giving us a date (short after we imagine) but a few other sets & situations. From a school, a plane or a roof garden to a kitchen, a hotel or a futuristic General Motors car (which shares the road with Smarts & all!). A few errors as usual here and there but their virtual clean hyperproductive society is the kind of corporate image and communication we expect from a technological company, and not those cheesy surreal ads from the Win7party campaign.

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