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Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale Gallery, Jul 15

13 July 2016

Chisenhale Gallery is presenting an early morning viewing of Yuri Pattison’s exhibition user, space with an introduction by Tommie Introna, Offsite and Education Assistant at the gallery on July 15.

The London-based artist’s solo exhibition runs from July 7 to August 28, occupies the entire gallery and is a major new commission resulting from Pattison’s 18-month residency at Chisenhale Gallery, produced in partnership with Create.

An immersive installation comprised of digital and sculptural elements creates a “speculative live/work environment” that draws influence from “Modernist architecture and science fiction”, the show is an imagined vision of a “utopian space of fantastic social and political potential”.

Nora N. Khan, a contributing Editor at Rhizome, has been commissioned to write ‘Commons‘, a fictional text in response to Pattison’s new work.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale

Yuri Pattison, user, space (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Chisenhale Gallery, London.

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